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The world as I have seen it....

This site is not "about me".....!

It is about documenting the world as I have seen it....

I travel, and so I take pictures. To be a photographer, you need to travel...!!

Although the whole world has it's wonders, beautiful people and enormous beauty in landscapes, I must admit, that I fell for Africa the first time I visited.., so the site reflects my many wonderful adventures in that part of the world...and I hope to add many more.

I practice photography now for over 50 years, as I enjoy taking photos: the seeing and creative process of making an image that lasts, go hand in hand.  

Posting these images on Smugmug allows me to travel easily over and over again to all of these wonderful destinations. And it allows me also to do a precious thing: to share them with family and friends.

I certainly hope you enjoy these photographs as much I enjoyed taking them!

Safe travels